Co-Energy has engineers on staff to perform energy assessments and determine if CHP is suitable for your facility. During our evaluation we will analyze your utility bills and perform a site visit to verify that a CHP system is economically and technically viable. Based on a suitable payback and decision to proceed, Co-Energy will design a fully integrated system.
We provide a turnkey design-build package for our customers. Our Amerigen CHP units are built in our production facilities and shipped to the site ready for installation. Co-Energy contracts with licensed electricians and plumbers to properly and safely connect the CHP unit to the facility.
Proper operations and maintenance of the CHP system is crucial for realizing the intended energy efficiency gains. Co-Energy will remotely monitor and operate the CHP from our network operations center. Our service technicians will expertly troubleshoot problems and perform preventative and unscheduled maintenance.

About Us

Co-Energy America is a leading developer of packaged combined heat and power systems, specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of 60kW to 1MW units. Since 1998, we have designed and installed over 60 cogeneration units at schools, hotels, apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and other commercial properties totaling nearly 10MW of continuous power throughout New England.