A no-cost feasibility study will determine if a CHP system is right for you. A preliminary conversation about the facility and its operations, and a review of the utility bills will shed light onto whether a project is feasible. If the facility has robust electrical and heating/cooling needs then a site visit will reveal where and how a CHP system could integrate with the facility. The site visit will also help with preliminary costing of the project. Based on the cost estimate and savings analysis, Co-Energy will prepare a detailed payback analysis.


Co-Energy will manage the complete system design and engineering. We will site the CHP unit in an optimal location either inside or outside of the facility and efficiently configure the electrical and plumbing connections. Additionally, Co-Energy will interface with the local utility as required for interconnection approval, and provide utility rebate filing assistance.

Our systems can be designed to provide back-up power capability. This means that the system will remain operational during storm events and grid outages.

Scope Of Services

  • Site Plan preparation
  • Electrical plan: Behind the meter connection and switches
  • Mechanical plan: Domestic Hot Water & Heating integration
  • Gas connection approval
  • Utility Interconnection application
  • All permits required by state and local authorities
  • Incentive/rebate applications


  • Induction or Synchronous Generators
  • Protective Relay Packages
  • Backup Power Capability
  • Weatherproof Enclosures
  • Containerized Packages
  • Open Skid


Packages can be combined and configured up to 1 MW.