Project Description


In 2009 SEVT in collaboration with a national ESCO and Co-Energy America, developed a plan for energy savings. The school underwent an array of energy efficient modifications ranging from lighting retrofits and controls, water conservation, waste oil heaters and weatherization updates. The largest improvement was the 250 kW combined heat and power unit designed, manufactured and installed by Co-Energy.

The CHP system is capable of producing approximately 2,050,000 kWh over the course of a year significantly cutting electricity purchases from the grid. The school utilizes 100% of the heat by-product for domestic hot water and heating in the winter, and chilled water in the summer.

Co-Energy designed and installed an 80 Ton absorption chiller which works with a large underground storage tank to providing for cooling throughout the summer. Co-Energy Tri-Gen Systems ensure year round utilization of waste heat.


Southeastern Voc-Tech (SEVT) is a four-year public high school in Massachusetts teaching students both academic and technical coursework. Their mission is to transform students into life-long learners.


– 250 kW / Installed 2009